Best Prime Day iPhone Deals 2022

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Amazon Prime Day 2022 is here and with it thousands of deals on a variety of tech devices, from laptops to smartphones.

Smartphones often get those

Prime Day

Deal treatment, but iPhone deals are harder to find. Don’t expect the rebates to come from Apple itself, if any iPhone deals do come through, they’ll likely come from stores like Amazon, Best Buy, or carriers like AT&T and Verizon.

We don’t see any deals on iPhones at the time of writing, but we’re always on the lookout and will update this post as soon as we see a tempting discount. For more savings, we’ll be keeping an eye on the Prime Day deals once they go live.

The best Prime Day iPhone 13 series deals

Best Prime Day iPhone SE (2022) Deals

The best Prime Day iPhone 12 series deals

The best Prime Day iPhone 11 deals

Which iPhone should I buy?

If you value performance and camera tech, the iPhone 13 series is your best bet. The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini are ideal for almost everyone. For the very best that Apple has to offer, like the silky-smooth ProMotion display and top-notch camera technology, your clear choice is the iPhone 13 Pro series.

If you like a phone that runs well and reliably takes decent photos, and you’re not too worried about getting the best technology, you can opt for an older model iPhone to save some money, like the iPhone 12 or iPhone 11.

If you’re a “very casual” user, the iPhone SE (2022) is an ideal choice. It’s the cheapest iPhone out there, but it’ll last for years as it runs on Apple’s latest A15 Bionic processor, which is also found in the iPhone 13 series.

For a deeper look, check out our best iPhone buying guide.

Is Prime Day the Best Time to Buy an iPhone?

iPhone deals can be found year-round, but buying an iPhone on Prime Day means you know you’re getting it at one of the best and lowest prices of the year. You might see bigger deals on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, but there’s no guarantee.

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