Dark Stranger Things Theory prepares season 5

Max’s apparent fate at the end of Stranger Things season 4 was pretty bleak, but this theory suggests that her situation is actually much worse.

While Max is technically alive afterwards stranger things Season 4, there is a possibility that her true situation is a fate worse than death. Played by Sadie Sink, who also starred in the popular Netflix series street of fear film trilogy, Max quickly became a fan favorite after her introduction in stranger things Season 2. Max won over viewers with her sharp wit, tough and resilient nature, and willingness to risk her life alongside her friends.

After seeing her brother Billy die at the end stranger things However, in Season 3, Max behaved differently in Season 4, spending most of the time in a depressed and brooding state. Max partly blamed himself for Billy’s death at the hands of The Mind Flayer and for some reason believed there was something she could have done to help him. In reality, Max would probably have been killed without Billy’s intervention—but grieving isn’t usually a logical process.


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Until the end stranger things Season 4, Max’s faithful Kate Bush song didn’t catch on and she was killed by Vecna ​​as the final victim he planned to use to open a massive rift to The Upside Down. While Max died briefly, Eleven used her powers to somehow revive Max – but with a catch. The resurrected Max remains in a coma; one that El can’t seem to wake her from. Things seem bleak, but there is still hope stranger things Season 5 will save Max and at least partially restore her to her pre-Vecna ​​state. The catch is that this will actually lead to playing a dangerous game with One himself.

What happened to Max in Season 4 of Stranger Things

Sadie Sink in the Season 4 finale of Stranger Things

Vecna’s first casualties during stranger things Season 4 are characters that audiences are meeting right now and therefore haven’t invested much in. That all changes when Max starts seeing Vecna’s grandfather clock hallucination, followed by glimpses of Billy showing that he blames her for his death. Her guilt allows Vecna ​​an access to Max’s mind that she can grab. She is able to fend him off for a long time with her favorite song “Running Up That Hill”, the Kate Bush hit from Stranger Things Season 4, but eventually has to give up this tactic.

Unfortunately, Max has to offer himself as bait for the group’s unlikely plan to take Vecna ​​to work – which of course goes horribly, horribly wrong. Max ascends into the sky, her limbs begin to break and she becomes blind. Max dies briefly and the portal opens to The Upside Down, but Eleven messes up Vecna’s plan by bringing Max back to life. Once she reaches the hospital, El enters Max’s mind, hoping she can find her and bring her back. Instead, she encounters a black void that offers a terrifying implication.

Why Max isn’t there when eleven comes to mind

Eleven in Max's California Memoir, Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2

Max’s not being present in her own mind when Eleven enters could be taken as a representation of her being brain dead after her ordeal, but there’s another, even more troubling, implication to consider. As much as stranger things deals with the supernatural, it didn’t really address the concept of religion or the afterlife. However, if Max does indeed have a soul, it may have left her body when she died, for lack of a better term. Whether it is her soul, her life essence, her mind, her consciousness – whatever stranger things Wanting to depict the concept is probably under the thumb of Vecna, aka Henry Creel.

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as dr Insisting on El that she’s not ready to fight Vecna, Brenner tells her that you don’t just kill people, you consume them. He takes everything from his victims. In this case the “all” Vecna ​​was what makes Max the person her friends know and love. The moment she died, Max’s essence left her body and became the property of Vecna, which explains why Max isn’t there to greet Eleven in her own mind. Unfortunately, Max could be trapped in what is arguably worse than death as Vecna/One/Henry is unlikely to make her stay comfortable.

How Eleven was able to save Max from Vecna ​​in Stranger Things 5

Stranger Things Eleven and Vecna

If this particular stranger things Season 4 theory turns out, Max is somehow trapped in Vecna. The physics of this is hard to imagine, but clearly anything can happen in the town of Hawkins, Indiana. What matters is that Max is in trouble and meanwhile she needs to be rescued stranger things Season 5. The only one fit for the job is Eleven again, her powers will hopefully be honed further during the time-skip period teased by the Duffer Brothers. El must enter and explore the most twisted mind of all until she is able to find Max and bring her back to her own body via the mental plane.

stranger things Ex-Henry Creel won’t take it easy, of course, and will certainly try to claim Eleven while she’s visiting. It may also take some convincing to get through to Max, as the time she’s been in Vecna’s clutches may have driven her a bit insane. If Eleven manages to get Max back into her body during this stranger things Season 5, however, leaves the question of her physical condition. While broken limbs can heal, Max’s blindness will likely require a cure of the supernatural sort, assuming a cure even exists. After spending some time in a coma, Max will likely also have to undergo months of physical rehab to get back to normal if she ever really can. Still, it’s better to be Vecna’s prisoner longer than necessary.

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