Apple is working on an “extreme sport” version of the Apple Watch that will feature a larger screen and a metal body that’s better able to withstand abuse, they say Bloombergis Mark Gurman.

Apple Watch Series 8 What We Know feature
Aimed at athletes, hikers and others who face more extreme conditions while wearing their Apple Watch, the new device will be Apple’s biggest yet. The display measures almost two inches diagonally, which is larger than the 1.9-inch screen diagonal of the current Apple Watch Series 7 and the planned Apple Watch Series 8.

It will have about 7 percent more screen real estate than the 45mm Apple Watch Series 7 and a screen resolution of 410 x 502 pixels. Gurman speculates that Apple could use the additional display area to simultaneously provide more fitness metrics on the Apple Watch face.

There’s no word on what Apple will call this new watch, but it will include improved impact resistance and protection in the form of a metal material that’s stronger than aluminum. It will have a more shatterproof screen and a larger battery to allow longer training times.

The sports-focused version of the Apple Watch will be sold alongside the standard Apple Watch Series 8 planned for later this year and the Apple Watch SE, which is also due for an update in 2022. Aside from a larger case and a more durable case, the Apple Watch Sport Edition works the same as other Apple Watches and gets the same features as the Series 8.

The ‘Apple Watch Series 8’ is rumored to feature an S8 chip similar to the S7 and S6 that came before it, along with an updated power saving mode and new health features that can monitor temperature. For more info on everything coming to the “Apple Watch Series 8,” we have a dedicated Apple Watch Series 8 guide.

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