Facebook 2FA scammers return – this time in just 21 minutes – Naked Security

Have you ever come this close to just accidentally clicking on a phishing link?

We’ve had some surprises, for example when we bought a cell phone from a click and collect store a few years ago.

Having previously lived outside the UK for many years this was our very first purchase from this particular company in well over a decade…

…but the very next morning we received an SMS claiming to be from this very shop telling us that we had overpaid and that a refund was awaiting.

Not only was this our first interaction with Brand X in ages, it was also the very first SMS (real or otherwise) we’ve ever received that was mentioned in Brand X.

What is the probability of THAT happening?

(Since then we’ve made a few more purchases from X, ironically another cell phone too after realizing that phones don’t always do well at Fahrradprangs, and we’ve received several more SMS scam messages targeting X but they did I’ve never made myself so credible.)