Gasgoo Awards 2022 Contenders: Z-one Galaxy Intelligent Cockpit Software Platform

For the Gasgoo Awards 2022, Z-one Tech’s software platform Z-one Galaxy Intelligent Cockpit has applied for the Top 100 Players of China’s New Automotive Supply Chain.

Gasgoo Awards 2022 Contenders: Z-one Galaxy Intelligent Cockpit Software Platform

Photo credit: Z-one Tech

Product: Z-one Galaxy Intelligent Cockpit software platform


As a practitioner of “Data defines experience and software defines vehicles”, Z-one tech has long focused on the research and development of intelligent vehicle technology and provides customers with full-stack or platform solutions. “Z-one Galaxy Intelligent Cockpit Software Platform” is a major carrier of digital experience products. This intelligent cockpit software solution is based on the four technical foundations of Z-one Galaxy Full Stack, including computer platform, electronic architecture, software platform and intelligent cloud platform.

“Z-one Galaxy Intelligent Cockpit Software Platform” is based on the mainstream Android AOSP operating system and RTOS+Android automotive virtualization technology, equipped with many platform modules required for the integrated software architecture of SOA software and cloud management, and realizes the main HMI type “Zone UI” and many product line features in the application development platform. Its application includes language semantics, map navigation, entertainment ecology, instrument and scene reconstruction, intelligent vehicle service, multi-sense interaction, high-level sound, vehicle games, scene workshop, exhibition hall mode, digital mall, ecological domain mobile phone networking and many more fundamental and innovative product experiences.

The “Z-one Galaxy Intelligent Cockpit Software Platform” has been successfully applied to a number of SAIC’s export models in the European market after careful research and product experience, bringing the leading Chinese cockpit experience to Europe. The newly upgraded “Z-one Galaxy Intelligent Cockpit Software Platform” is used for a premium intelligent electric vehicle brand – Feifan Automobile. In the future, it will also be used for more models under development and can provide a smarter and multimodal HMI user experience.

Gasgoo Awards 2022 Contenders: Z-one Galaxy Intelligent Cockpit Software Platform

Photo credit: Z-one Tech

Unique Benefits

• Galaxy full stack base support

Unlike other independent cockpit domain controller solutions, “Z-one Galaxy Intelligent Cockpit Software Platform” relies on Z-one intelligent vehicle full-stack solution, including computer platform, electronic architecture, software platform and intelligent cloud Platform that implants a deep technical foundation for cross-domain integration, continuous product choice and the ultimate user experience innovation.

• SOA software platform

Z-one’s unique SOA software platform supports a variety of vehicle domain controllers in addition to the cockpit domain controller. It has excellent cross-domain integration ability, the best scene experience and user scene customization ability. Based on the SOA software platform, the software can be bought, sold and subscribed to.

• Precipitation and innovation of the “Z-one Galaxy Intelligent Cockpit Software Platform”

To support the digital product experience, Z-one has developed its own cockpit software platform. In addition to the basic product functions of the cockpit, the platform also offers a unique user experience design (Zone-UX) and HMI type (Zone-UI). Independent development of some AI algorithms, such as In-Cabin Perception (OMS, DMS), Multimode Interactive Nebula Speech Framework ZNLP. In platform design, it focuses on the non-functional goals like performance and stability. In addition, the slow start of the cockpit has been fully optimized to realize a second start with low static current. Many traditional peripheral functions have been incorporated

the software platform, e.g. B. High-level sound, HUD, AVM, DRV, rear view of streaming media, etc. Functions and algorithms are deposited via the platform to create a good environment for UX innovations.

• Multi-mode interactive intelligent partner

Through intelligent partner products, it integrates intelligent applications of various functions such as cabin perception, image and voice multi-mode, 3D image, intelligent recommendation and intelligent scene, and provides users with an evolutionary intelligent experience with long-term use.

• Integrated cab and steering for an immersive experience

The “Z-one Galaxy Intelligent Cockpit Software Platform” is positioned in the application scenarios of intelligent vehicles, deeply integrated with intelligent driving, providing user experiences in automatic driving scene reconstruction and human-machine co-driving. Meanwhile, combined with multi-screen, multi-mode, AR/VR and other technologies to achieve intuitive interaction and immersive cockpit experience in the form of multi-sensory linkage.

• Ecological integration

In cooperation with leading partners in the internet ecology industry and leveraging the core capabilities of SOA, we will create leading ecological cabin experiences and offer ecological entertainment, vehicle games and many other ecological services. At the same time, through intensive cooperation with mobile phone and IOT manufacturers, ecological services from hardware and software protocols and the cloud are integrated, seamless flow across borders, terminals and devices is truly realized, and user-centric ecological services are provided.

• Closed data loop

Based on the integrated architecture of the Cloud Tube side and powered by XOTA

and Datenfabrik, the software platform offers innovation capability in software generation and has closed-loop capabilities for self-learning, self-growth and self-evolution at algorithm, application and product level.


“Z-one Galaxy Intelligent Cockpit Software Platform” can be applied to intelligent vehicle cockpit products:

• The software platform based on the SOA architecture can be adapted to different hardware platforms and vehicle models;

• Derived products and UX can be customized based on branding needs;

• Meeting the needs of integrating intelligent cockpits and autopilots in premium cars, providing one-stop solutions, “differentiated” and “multi-tiered” solutions including hardware, software and cloud services.


Intelligent cockpit systems will continue to show a trend from decentralized to centralized, from independent to integrated, and the complexity of cockpit software will continue to increase. Adhering to user experience as the core, Z-one tech is committed to creating a new intelligent species that integrates self-learning, self-growth and self-development genes, providing users with digital products and scene experiences from the inside out, locally to the cloud. As one of the specific measures to realize “Data defines experience and software defines vehicles”, the “Z-one Galaxy Intelligent Cockpit Software Platform” will assign a premium smart electric vehicle brand to provide users with a simple, convenient and immersive driving experience.

In the new era of software and hardware integration development, Z-one tech will work more openly and efficiently with partners to promote industrial reform, build a new ecosystem of intelligent vehicles, achieve cross-border expansion of the industrial chain, and build intelligent vehicles into the “third space” for mobile travel.

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