Practical Plywood Interior Design Ideas

Plywood is a cheaper alternative to solid wood. It’s readily available, comes with various textures, and’s easy to shape. Plywood is a versatile product that’s widely used in various interior, exterior, and structural applications. It’s made from wood veneers bonded together with an adhesive. Although it can be customized for specific applications, normal plywood flat sheets come in three plies.


Cladding plywood paired with laminates is a popular interior design option. The combination is widely used at restaurants, homes, and offices. Laminates come in several textures and color options, and their wooden versions are in high demand as they improve an interior’s appearance.

Fashionable furniture

Plywood is slowly replacing blonde wood that has been popular in the past several decades. The simple construction and raw quality of plywood set the two materials apart. For plywood, you get what you see; there are no gimmicks. This is quite a break from the conventional polished materials that have clouded the furniture space for some time.

Use of plywood in kids’ designs and playhouses

Plywood enhances modern kids’ designs and decorations with modern ideas. It’s an eco-friendly and affordable material choice for kids’ playhouses and creative forms. It also comes in handy in novel kids’ furniture designs.

Home decoration using plywood

Plywood can be turned into stunning home decorations, from hanging lighting fixtures, coat hooks, books shelves, bed headboards, mirror frames, to floor lamps. Plywood adds a warm natural flair and light tough to a modern interior.

Plywood ceilings

A plywood ceiling design is a creative and wonderful solution for a contemporary interior. It adds attractive simplicity and lightness to a room to create a relaxing and warm atmosphere with a natural touch.

Hot homewares

Think of bowls, vessels, handles, shelves, and garlands when it comes to plywood homewares. They add warmth and texture into a room and go well with several material trends that are coming up such as exposed concrete, greenery, metallics among others.

Constructive elements

You can use plywood on loads of interior details such as staircases, partitions, podiums, and wardrobes. Plywood sheets come in various thicknesses and durability depending on their application, therefore they are built to withstand a wide range of shock loads.

Plywood is among the world’s trendiest materials. Its unique aesthetics and finishing have made it popular among designers. It’s also pleasing to the eye, extremely flexible, durable, and waterproof, which make it a perfect choice for most interiors. Check out Tylko’s article on plywood furniture for inspiration: