Russo Brothers reveal how The Gray Man connects to Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The gray man coming to Netflix later this month. However, the July 2022 release wouldn’t have gone that way if Anthony Russo and Joe Russo had had more free time over the past decade. The directing duo began adapting the Mark Greaney novel while working on the 2014 novel Captain America: The Winter Soldier. From there, Marvel Studios asked her to return for not one, not two, but three massive ensemble films that ate their schedules through 2019 Avengers: Endgame. Now the directing duo have their Netflix title ready for release, and they spoke to about the project that will see them reunited Captain America Star Chris Evans.

“We read it years ago while we were making it winter soldierand we actually did the first adaptation of it between takes while we were envisioning Winter Soldier as a potential movie after we were done with it,” explained Joe Russo. “But then we were asked to civil war and then avengerso we put that on the shelf for a couple of years.”

As the story goes, work on The gray man when directing The Winter Soldier iSo Joe and Anthony Russo came up with the idea of ​​showing him as a villain character who is the polar opposite of the Marvel hero Evans is best known for. “It’s been so exciting to work with Chris for so many years on these four films about this specific Captain America character,” said Anthony Russo. “But of course, you know, we started to get a sense that Chris’ ability as an actor stretches well beyond all the wonderful things he’s brought to the character. And we wanted to do something with him, like, get him as far away from that character as possible. I don’t know if you could stray further from Captain America than the character he plays in The gray man.”

Evans “I totally embraced the role,” Joe Russo proudly explained for The Gray Man. he accepted that. “He got the job done and got off really hard with the idea that he’s an agent of chaos,” said Joe Russo.

“Also, Chris is a very cultured filmmaker, not just a cultured actor,” added Anthony Russo. “He understands storytelling on all levels. And he knew that the entire film is built around a conceit where the character Ryan Gosling is playing and the character he is playing are polar opposites, that we’re getting these two characters in terms of their qualities and their energy can, the more interesting the film would be.”


Appropriate, The gray man reunites the directors not only with Evans, who starred in the popular film The Winter Soldier, but also with his screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely. “It’s easy for the four of us to come together and work together,” said Joe Russo. “We have codified a process that we have built our AGBO company around, and it is a process that we use with everyone we work with here. It’s a very disciplined, you know, script-oriented approach to storytelling. It’s something we used with the Daniels for Everything everywhere at once where they worked on the script and then sat down with us in a room and we all read it out loud together and talked about the narrative. “Hey, what if this happened? What if there were more emotions?’ This is our story development process. So we found that it could be applied to commercials or art house or you know drama, comedy, whatever you want to do.”

These disciplines were applied The gray man, a film that pits Ryan Gosling against Evans as some international assassins chasing each other. When Goslings Court Gentry stops listening and starts questioning the authorities who sent him in, Lloyd Hansen is brought in by Evans to clean up the mess. It’s a story straight out of Greaney’s novel, with some creative liberties for what Markus, McFeely, and the Russo Brothers thought was the best movie on Netflix. “We like to be inspired by the material because we want to bring our own taste, ideas and subject matter to it,” said Joe Russo. “We loved this book. It was incredibly empowering when we first read it.”

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