Surveil joins NCC Group’s Software Resilience Partner Network

Surveil Joins NCC Group's Software Resilience Partner Network-01

Surveil is taking the first step to provide software resiliency and business continuity to its growing partner base through the NCC Group partner network. As their partner-first approach evolves, Surveil has joined the NCC Group partner network to live up to its priority of being a responsible partner.

Recognizing that reliance on third-party software can come with some hesitation, Surveil will offer NCC Group’s Escrow-as-a-Service (EaaS) solution so partners can be confident in the long-term availability of their platform, themselves if something should happen to disrupt the service or accessibility and strengthen its existing and future relationships with its resellers, partners and users.

With NCC Group’s EaaS solution, the source code behind the Surveil platform is stored in a protected cloud environment and can be made available to its customers in the unlikely event that Surveil can no longer meet its contractual obligations. NCC Group was selected over other vendors based on their excellent reputation, the quality of their partner network and breadth of supporting resources.

Surveil is a global company dedicated to empowering Microsoft partners with the insights needed to build valuable and lasting customer relationships, grow revenue, better understand Azure and Microsoft 365 environments and their associated costs, and to control. Following private investment in 2021, Surveil has adopted a partner-first approach; Through the Surveil Together program, partners are supported in all aspects of marketing, selling and using the platform. Adding Surveil to the NCC Group Partner Network is the next step in enhancing Surveil Together’s ability to support partners.

“I am delighted to say that we are now part of the NCC Group partner network. Our partners value the insights our product gives them and their customers, mostly because it supports its users and their Microsoft investments on a day-to-day basis. By joining the network we can now enable our partners to feel confident in embracing the service and knowing that this investment is sustainable, whatever the future holds.” Neil May, CEO of Surveillance

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Adrian Ah-Chin-Kow, Global Managing Director, NCC Group Software Resilience, commented, “The NCC Group partner ecosystem enables our partners to respond to their customers’ business continuity needs and provide value by ensuring the long-term availability of their solutions support with an additional layer of resistance.
“Through a range of partnership options, software vendors can demonstrate proactive risk mitigation that builds their trust and credibility. At the same time, software customers get unmatched protection and rapid availability of critical third-party software and data.

“Working with customers, our in-house technical and legal experts ensure that both software customers and vendors are guaranteed an independent, high-quality service that simplifies business continuity.”

This development is the latest in Surveil’s transformation since securing an undisclosed private investment last year – a journey that has seen multiple recruitments across the UK and Europe and a branding shift away from ‘ITEXACT’. Future plans include further scaling of the existing partner program and a push into global markets.

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