Incredible New Maps of Asteroid Psyche Reveal an Ancient World of Metal and Rock

Astronomers at MIT and elsewhere have mapped the composition of asteroid Psyche, revealing a surface of metal, sand, and rock. Credit: Screenshot courtesy of NASA The varied surface of asteroid Psyche suggests a dynamic history, which could include metallic eruptions, asteroid-shaking impacts, and a lost rocky mantle. Later this year,[{” attribute=””>NASA is set to launch … Read more

Gallstone from a mummified 16th century prince used to reconstruct the ancient genome of E. coli

When you think about precious crown jewels, a 400-year-old gallstone is probably not what springs to mind! However, a team of scientists have found something very valuable inside calcified balls extracted from a 16th century Italian prince’s gallbladder. Remnants of early E. Coli were found to be present, and researchers from McMaster University in Canada … Read more

Ancient toothless ‘eel’ is your earliest known ancestor

More than a century ago, scientists were stumped by the discovery of an unusual fossil unearthed from a Scottish quarry. The remains suggested a toothless eel-like creature with a potentially cartilaginous skeleton, and for 130 years after the mysterious creature — named Palaeospondylus gunni — was unearthed, it continued to defy classification. Now, with the … Read more