Growing fight over Entergy nuclear plant could net millions in refunds for customers | news

The probe over Entergy’s accounting at its Grand Gulf nuclear power plant in Mississippi has morphed into a larger fight between regulators and the power company, which is accused of overcharging ratepayers at its various subsidiaries of hundreds of millions of dollars over a period of several years. If the Louisiana Public Service Commission and … Read more

Google’s hardware ecosystem has more of a shot at stealing Samsung customers than Apple

Google has a higher chance of pulling in existing Samsung customers over convincing Apple customers to switch to its forthcoming full-fledged hardware ecosystem. Nevertheless, experts say that Google might finally be the third option that customers have long waited for. A couple of weeks ago, Android Central’s Andrew Myrick wrote a fantastic article about how … Read more

Entergy says rates will go up for most Louisiana customers; see how much | business

Blaming rising natural gas costs and lingering expenses from a slew of weather disasters over the last two years, Entergy on Friday said electricity rates for most of its Louisiana customers will rise in June by as much as $25 for an average household. The rate increases will affect areas covered by Entergy Louisiana, the … Read more

NSO’s cash dilemma: miss debt repayment or sell to risky customers

Faced with an imminent cash crunch so severe that Israel’s NSO Group, manufacturer of the cyberweapon Pegasus, could miss its November 2021 payroll, Shalev Hulio had a startling suggestion. The foul-mouthed CEO told a team representing the company’s owners in New York that month: why not start selling again to risky clients? NSO is the … Read more

US wireless carriers should get real with customers about software updates

Wireless carriers like to brag about two things: their network and their deals. Something you won’t often hear about is software updates. They were supposed to be easier than ever for Android device makers to deploy thanks to Project Treble framework, but when the phone is a model specific to an American carrier, it’ll have … Read more