A Giant Sunspot Doubled in Size in 24 Hours, And It’s Pointing Right at Earth

A gigantic sunspot has swelled to twice Earth’s size, doubling its diameter in 24 hours, and it’s pointed right at us. The sunspot, called AR3038, grew to 2.5 times Earth’s size – making the sunspot roughly 19,800 miles, or 31,900 kilometers, in diameter – from Sunday (June 19) to Monday night (June 20), according to … Read more

Texas A&M Aggies cruise, ‘use that energy from the crowd’ to eliminate rival Texas Longhorns at Men’s College World Series

OMAHA, Neb. — In the maddening wait before Micah Dallas took the mound in Sunday’s rivalry showdown against Texas, the Texas A&M right-hander deeply considered one piece of advice: It’s just another game. But it was the Men’s College World Series, and Dallas couldn’t help himself. He charged onto the field after the Aggies’ 10-2 … Read more

APTIM-administered Entergy Solutions Program Now

Baton Rouge, La., May 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Delivering solutions to create more energy-efficient communities is vital to decreasing energy usage and increasing renewable energy generation. APTIM plays a key role in helping utilities, residents, various industries, and government entities achieve these goals. In Louisiana, APTIM serves as the administrator of Entergy Louisiana’s energy … Read more

Uncovering a novel way to bring the energy that powers the sun and stars to Earth

From left: PPPL physicists Ken Hill, Lan Gao, and Brian Kraus; image of the National Ignition Facility. Credit: Kiran Sudarsanan Scientists at the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) have uncovered critical new details about fusion facilities that use lasers to compress the fuel that produces fusion energy. The new data … Read more

Clean Energy, Low Rates Support Increased Growth Across Entergy’s Service Area

Entergy is working with its customers to meet their growing clean electricity needs Tweet this Today, Sempra Infrastructure announced it has entered into a memorandum of understanding with Entergy Louisiana to supply roughly 300 megawatts of demand. This is the equivalent to the output of approximately 900 MW of new renewable energy capacity. This follows … Read more

Study shows promise for developing a new renewable energy source

Woody lignin, seen here in purified form, holds significant promise as a renewable biofuel, if it can be efficiently broken down into useful form. Credit: Andrea Starr | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory A new artificial enzyme has shown it can chew through lignin, the tough polymer that helps woody plants hold their shape. Lignin also … Read more