Apple Store in Maryland Makes History by Voting to Unionize

Apple Store employees in Maryland have made history by voting to officially unionize, becoming the first Apple retail location to do so in the US after efforts by Apple to calm down unionization efforts. As reported by CNBC, employees at the ‌Apple Store‌ in Towson, Maryland voted 65 for and 33 against a call to … Read more

How to blur the backgrounds of iPhone photos

Being able to blur the backgrounds of iPhone photos (and unblur them) is a godsend for anyone interested in portrait photography. One of the most important aspects of portraiture is obtaining a separation between the subject of your photo and their background. Blurring the background does this, isolating the subject against a distraction-free backdrop, allowing … Read more

Apple Shares Charging Details for New Dual USB-C Power Adapters

Following yesterday’s launch of orders for the two new 35-watt dual USB-C power adapters introduced at WWDC, Apple has posted a new support document outlining how power is split when devices are connected to both ports. Under most scenarios, the 35 total watts will be split evenly between the two connected devices, with the exception … Read more

The 10 Best iPhone SE Cases for 2022

Popular Mechanics; Courtesy Woodcessories After purchasing a new iPhone, there is one accessory that you’ll want to buy right away: a case. While iPhones are impressive in many ways technologically, their sleek design can make them pretty fragile. Whether you’re a clumsy person who drops your phone all the time or just want to protect … Read more

Should you EVER buy an old iPhone?

Source: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore It wasn’t until 2013 that Apple unveiled two new iPhones simultaneously. And it took years before the company sold more than three handsets simultaneously. Today, however, there’s an iPhone for every budget. But what about the Apple iPhones no longer offers but are still for sale on websites like Amazon? … Read more

Send Secret Messages on Your iPhone Using the Notes App. Here’s How

The Notes app on your iPhone is useful for jotting down an extensive grocery list or keeping a detailed log of your rent, utilities and other important bills, but that’s not all it’s capable of. These same notes can also be used to have a secret conversation with your friends and family. The collaboration feature … Read more