The Amazing Spider-Man found his own success 10 years later

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It is not just transformers that’s celebrating a milestone this holiday weekend. Back in 2012, Sony returned to the most popular hero with Marvel Comics That Amazing Spider-Man, a reboot completely separate from the original Sam Raimi trilogy, for better or for worse. And ten years later, the two-movie franchise (well, two and a half, technically) has managed to find his own place in the increasingly crowded superhero space, just probably not the one he intended.

The original Great certainly the odds were against it: it not only replaced a Spiderman 4 that fans of Raimi’s saga were hoping for, coming at a time when reboots were still gaining ground. For each star trek or dragon tattoo girl, there were at least three the thing or Total recall reboots. (Or, well, the one mentioned above transformers.) Despite all this and a little over a month after First avenger Movie took over the whole planet Amazing 1 It managed to garner both solid reviews and a worldwide box office hit of $758 million, securing this Spider-Man’s cinematic future, albeit for a short time before Sony finally signed a joint custody deal with Marvel Studios for Tom Holland’s MCU Peter Parker.

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Whether you want to take this as an observation or as an insult, the Great Duology is basically Spider-Man’s CW fiction. (Just yelled it spider?) Director Marc Webb, previously best known for the 2009 rom-com 500 days of summer, plays the melodrama of Peter Parker’s civilian life, while Raimi’s trilogy had an even split between Peter and Spider-Man. Played by then-rising star Andrew Garfield, the Great peter is more moody, openly messy teenager as the quietly tormented soul with whom Tobey Maguire spent three films and several thoughtful gazes in the 2000s, enchanting audiences. With the way he stammers and grapples with Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy, Great feels more at home in a romantic story about a superhero than in a superhero story about romance, that should make sense. All that fear and repetition because the lessons can’t sink are an integral part for several CW shows; Frustration can spread over multiple episodes and seasons. Not so for a feature film that ultimately doomed 2014 Amazing Spider-Man 2 particularly.

Garfield brings great physicality to the fights against Rhys Ifans’ Lizard and looks fantastic doing it swing through New York, but it’s the YA angst that underpins everything where he really excels. With all the bullshit that’s being thrown at this particular Peter, he manages to feel like he’s constantly feeling alone and just wants to connect with someone. It’s a very youthful mindset and one he still can’t shake even if we catch up with the character Spider-Man: No Way Home. When he lands in the reality of MCU Peter and manages to form some sort of connection to both that Peter and his cinematic predecessor – both of whom have gone through events in their lives that are just as chaotic as himself – he can’t fully got involved with her. It goes so far that Tobey’s Peter has to actively ask him about it and offer it Great Peter a moment to simply appreciate what he doesn’t really take.

Spider-Man: No Way Home | Tobey Maguire: “You are amazing.” to Andrew Garfield

Of the three Spider-Man eras that have existed in our present lifetime, this is it Great duology which clearly had the toughest of them all. But in our current age of critically re-evaluating people and things we previously wrote off or downright hated, the easiest thing to do is win people over. Maybe we’ve gotten friendlier different takes In the superhero genre, perhaps this iteration of Peter Parker just offers more to work with at the character level than before no way home Holland’s Peter might feel more like an audience POV fanboy to some. Whether for those reasons or for the simple act of being a lateral thinker, both films have found audiences and their stars continue to thrive. Since those films wrapped, there hasn’t been a lack of appreciation for Garfield, who has had a really strong 2021 No way home and Tick, tick… boom!. Similarly, Stone has built a strong resume over the past decade while also managing to navigate the franchise game via Dreamworks. The Croods and Disney’s Cruella. With blockbusters often being so bad at treating rising stars, it’s been good to see Garfield, Stone and Dane DeHaan – who very briefly served Harry Osborn on the reboot series – continue to thrive in the decade when all else fails .

Also as the Great franchise was just getting off the ground, it was a little unclear how long it would take, and that hasn’t changed entirely in the decade since. We’re now in a time where any former superhero actor could come back, something Sony is actively aware while trying to figure out how to sketch theirs future in the superhero genre beyond Spideys animated protégé and goofy dark counterpart. But maybe one Amazing Spider-Man 3 should always remain a “what could have been” and not a tangible thing. Amazing 2 ended up with Peter willing to go out and do the job again, and No way home served as a fitting epilogue, making him feel a little lighter than when we last met. For a franchise that’s been at its best in its quieter moments, that’s fine, and maybe even fitting Great does not close a cinematic panache through New York, but with his Peter, the family finally gets that he is always wanted.

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