The new ImaginGO software inspires children from kindergarten to 6th grade to engage in imaginative problem solving

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC, July 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ImaginGO has launched its innovative flagship software program to stimulate students’ imaginations and encourage creative problem-solving. ImaginGO connects to children’s diverse intelligences and prepares students for the flexible thinking needed to succeed academically and professionally. ImaginGO complements traditional curricula by adding creativity and innovation to the educational experience.



ImaginGO was designed for children in kindergarten through sixth grade. It develops innovation skills by introducing students to concepts such as design thinking, social and emotional learning, and imaginative thinking through six mini-activities called GOGOs.

Each GOGO has a primary focus to fuel the imagination: Leonardo’s Inventci (Invention), brain space (visual storytelling), 10 or less (microfiction), Hachoogie (listening), Themo (emotions about music) and Wordinski (defining new words). Together, the GOGOs create a robust creative toolbox for teachers. GOGOs last anywhere from 20 minutes to over an hour. New GOGOs are updated regularly, and content is updated weekly.

“Our mission is to create the next generation of innovative leaders, and ImaginGO inspires children’s imaginations and develops flexible thinking,” said ImaginGO co-founder John Fox. “We want to put a student’s imagination at the heart of ImaginGO, not the technology. That’s why we made ImaginGO very easy to use, so teachers can get started with it without any training. The software guides teachers through the GOGOs and the students do their work in the ‘real world’ with pencil and paper, brainstorming with classmates and presenting ideas in front of the class.”

Creative teaching is ready at the push of a button, instantly transforming classrooms into vibrant hubs for collaboration. ImaginGO develops students’ fundamental innovation skills, increases their ability to collaborate, uncovers multiple intelligences, and builds creative confidence to help students deal with uncertainty.

“ImaginGO offers a classroom full of creativity; one in which students discover prompts that lead to opportunity and learning. ImaginGO provides classrooms with creative content, an integrated curriculum, and student growth. It’s a gift for teachers and students,” he said Suzy Doveran instructional technology specialist at Stone Academy in Greenville, SC

About ImaginGO LLC

ImaginGO is a leader in Imaginative Education – providing software, consulting and training for the education sector. ImaginGO was founded in 2021 by siblings John and Kathleen Fox who saw the need to develop students’ imaginations to prepare them for solving larger, more complex real-world problems in the future.

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