Warriors’ Steph Curry owes Kendrick Perkins and all the haters a thank you

All you critics, carpers, couch potatoes, skeptics, scoffers, second-guessers, doubters and basketball PhD’s, rejoice! All your hard work is hereby validated.

On the interview podium after the Golden State Warriors’ championship-clinching win Thursday night, Curry, wet-eyed and smiling, formed a zero with his right hand and held it up to his face, peering through it like a telescope.

In August, an ESPN panel of analysts was asked, “How many titles will Steph win in the next four years?” Two of the panelists, Kendrick Perkins and Domonique Foxworth answered by making that “zero” sign.

“I clearly remember the experts and talking heads putting up the big zero on how many championships we would have going forward because of everything that we went through,” Curry said.

“So we hear all that, and you carry it all and try to maintain your purpose, not let it distract you, but you carry that weight, and then get here, it all comes out, so it’s special.”

To get sucked into that vortex of blather is so childish. But then so is Curry’s game. And the Warriors’ game.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr keeps telling us what a grind the season is, and the playoffs. The Warriors’ players will tell you that, too. Grind, grind, grind. They could be the Golden State Baristas. Well, every team grinds. The difference is that the Warriors grind like kids at Disneyland.

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