What do you think of Blazer rookie Shaedon Sharpe?

With a lot going on in the organization of the Portland Trail Blazers, we thought it would be good practice to get some footage from the Blazer’s Edge staff and get them together in one place.

The purpose of this exercise is to start a conversation and continue it in the comments below, so don’t hesitate to contribute your opinion on the topic.

For this roundtable, we look at Blazers rookie Shaedon Sharpe, his brief show in the Summer League last night, and what he could bring to the team long-term.

Here’s what the staff had to say:

Jeremy Brener

The jury is still out on Shaedon Sharpe, who still has an extremely limited portfolio. We got a (very small) glimpse of him last night, but the truth is we still have no idea what could become of Sharpe.

He could easily become another what-if and failed Blazers prospect, but the reason the team took him when they did is because he had the best chance of someone staying on the board to keep Elite to become. Here’s hoping he’s more elite than failure.

Ryne Buchanan

Given the state of the team, I hate the election. It sends the message that the front office is unwilling to do whatever it takes to maximize the rest of Damian Lillard’s prime. I would have much preferred to see a player like AJ Griffin, who is probably more willing to contribute from the jump and fills an immediate need at small forward. The Blazers are in “S*** or Get Off the Pot” mode, and drafting Sharpe doesn’t do much to solve this dilemma, or at least doesn’t seem to do it. I would like to be wrong.

Paul Navarre

I love Sharpe’s idea. While the sounds emanating from the Blazers’ front office are all “win now,” the reality is that Cronin has taken steps that could pay off in the short term without completely destroying the future. Sharpe walks this line perfectly. We’ve only seen 5 minutes of him in a Blazers uniform and some old highlight videos, but it still feels like there might be something there. The risk that this choice will not pay off in the short or long term is real. Still, there are several ways this could go right. It’s not hard to imagine Sharpe becoming a quality starter for the Blazers in a few years. That’s real value. It’s also not inconceivable that Sharpe will become a useful contributor before the end of the season. But let’s dare to dream. Sharpe is the first player the Blazers have drafted since Lillard, where if you really look closely you can see the creation of a superstar. Is it likely? Absolutely not. Is it possible? Yes of course. Why not? A young rising superstar would fit well into Dame’s timeline. So let’s dare to dream, shall we?

Adrian Bernich

I wasn’t crazy about the seventh-pick Blazers, but I’m not crazy about Sharpe. I just don’t think we have enough information on him, made worse by the fact that he was injured six minutes into his first Summer League game.

I love the potential in his game but that’s all for now so I’m not sure he can add to that next season. I’m keeping my expectations low so that if he really makes any noise in the next 12 months, he’ll be dealing with gravy.

Let’s just hope five years from now we’ll look back and marvel at where MVP candidate Shaedon Sharpe started.

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