Why is Marvel exaggerating Ant-Man in the MCU show no one is watching?

Ant-Man is the most mentioned superhero in Ms. Marvel alongside Carol Danvers. What does Marvel plan to involve him in Kamala’s story so much?

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Mrs Miracle.

Aside from maybe Carol Danvers, Ant-Man is the most referenced superhero in Mrs Miracle But why is Marvel exaggerating Ant-Man in the MCU show no one seems to be watching? Mrs Miracle broke a Rotten Tomatoes record for the MCU and is the highest-rated MCU television property to date, while also opening to the lowest number of households of any Disney+ MCU series. Mrs MiracleThe frequent inclusion of Ant-Man begs the question of what Marvel is trying to pull off with a show that is clearly still struggling to find its audience.

Ant-Man was explicitly mentioned in three of the four episodes of Mrs Miracle currently released, with his presence in each episode having some plot impact. in the Mrs Miracle Episode 1, Ant-Man is heavily showcased at AvengerCon. Kamala accidentally knocks the head off a large Ant-Man display, nearly injuring Zoe before Kamala can use her newfound powers to save her. This episode also introduced the audience to Ant-Man’s podcast about the Avengers – where he appears to have attacked the group and told the public everything he knows about their exploits. in the Mrs Miracle In Episode 2, Kamala tells Bruno that she tested her powers to see if she could shrink, fly, or talk to ants because both she and Ant-Man are charming and look younger than they really are. Mrs Miracle Episode 4 features a full mural of Ant-Man, complete with the phrase: “You can start small and still be larger than life.


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It is possible that Mrs MiracleThe creators of ‘ merely draw some Easter egg-style parallels between Ms. Marvel and Ant-Man given the overlap of their powers in the comics. However, with the series’ changes to Kamala’s powerset Mrs Miracle, which feels less and less likely. Perhaps the powers that be at Marvel will see the similarities in tone between the two properties and give the duo some sort of test run to see how audiences would like them together. Perhaps most likely, the writers didn’t anticipate that their show would underperform in viewership and saw an opportunity to get audiences excited about the next Ant-Man movie. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

Does Ms. Marvel’s Ant-Man hype justify Kamala’s Quantumania appearance?

Ms Marvel Episode 4 Ant-Man Easter Egg

While Kamala and Scott Lang share some powers in the comics, Kamala cannot change her size at will in the MCU. Instead, the Disney+ series essentially replaced all of those similar powers with Kamala’s connection to the Noor in Mrs Miracle. This could possibly have linked her to Scott in the MCU, which perhaps explains the decision to reference him so frequently. Even with that connection lost, Kamala’s growing understanding of the Noor and their realm could make her invaluable to Ant-Man Quantumaniasuggesting that Kamala might perform there.

It’s not exactly clear why Marvel is pumping Ant-Man up so much Mrs Miracle — just as it’s not entirely clear why a show with such good reviews gets such poor viewership. Maybe the powers that be at Marvel Mrs Miracle would get more viewers, and it made sense to build more hype for it Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania as it will be released in 2023. Whatever the reason, Ant-Man is over Mrs Miracle and it’s likely that audiences will see more of him in the final two episodes.

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